Wild Mugwort & Organic Rosemary Burn Wand

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Two to three pieces of Hand-wrapped burn wands with jute string.

Mugwort is a classic herb that has been used in folk medicine for centuries. When burned, it has properties that stimulate lucid dreaming, cleanses spaces for spiritual rituals, and energizes crystals. This burn wand can be used to cleanse and energize tarot cards, increase physic development at full moon ceremonies, and aromatherapy. Rosemary is a beautiful cleansing and protective herb making this the perfect burn bundle.

Dark green leaves and branches of mugwort on the outside, Organic Rosemary on the inside.

Comes sealed inside a clear, bio based, compostable bag. Attached with hemp string is a plantable tag with “Wild Mugwort & Organic Rosemary” written on it.

(2-3 wands) total weight: 0.5oz 

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