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We Love Tooth Gems! They're SO freaking cute, just a little blingy fun for your smile:)

These babes are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your smile 😍💎 Tooth gems are applied using professional bonding adhesive similar to what dentists use for braces. Appointments take about 20 min and we have tons of cutie Swarovski crystals and opal colors to choose from! See below for more info.

This listing reserves your appointment for a deposit of $5, payment minus the deposit is due at the time of application. Pricing starts at $35 for one gem, additional gems are $10 per. If you have a specific design in mind please email Mia + Julia at, include a description and reference pics if possible.

 *If you are 15 min late or more we will help reschedule your appointment for a later day. If we need to reschedule your appointment due to late arrival or if you are a no show then your $5 deposit is forfeited. 


Tooth gems are non-invasive; they don’t damage the tooth or enamel and are semi- permanent. The adhesive is similar to what a dentist uses to put on braces. Once the tooth gem is on, there may be some dental adhesive surrounding the tooth gem on the tooth. This will wear off within a couple of weeks from normal brushing and eating. Tooth gems can last anywhere between four months to a year. If you are ready to remove your tooth gem before it naturally falls off, it can easily be removed at your next professional routine dental cleaning. Once your tooth gem does fall off naturally, there may still be some residual adhesive left on your tooth. This too can easily be removed at your next professional routine dental cleaning. If you use tooth whitening strips, the area under the tooth gem will not receive the whitening treatment while the tooth gem is on.



If your tooth gem falls off within 30 days of us applying it we will be happy to apply another for you! We are only able to replace the tooth gem once.


*Our tooth gems are staying on for anywhere from 4 months to 2+ years, they generally fall off naturally but can be easily and quickly removed by a dental professional.

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