Tjärved Blommar Trollstav - Smoke Cleansing Wand With Calendula

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Long tjärved "Fatwood" or "Tar wood" smoke wands. These are amazing clearing and cleansing smoke tools used traditionally in nordic folk magic. The branches are sustainably harvested - when a pine branch dies, the tree sends the "Fat" to the wood, which loads it with a slow-burning substance.

This burn wand is made with organic calendula and fatwood. The addition of calendula makes this a beautiful wand to work with if you're looking to bring a little healing energy in. Calendula can be a beautiful herb to work with for cleansing, protection, healing, and abundance. These are just a few ways to work with this flower, but follow your instinct and work with it however you feel is best for you:)

4”+ These burn similarly to palo santo, a slow and fragrant burn. The smell is reminiscent of sweet yuletide and fresh pine.

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