The Witch's Cabinet: Plant Lore, Sorcery, and Folk Tradition Books microcosm
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The Witch's Cabinet: Plant Lore, Sorcery, and Folk Tradition

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In this collection of essays, discover the somewhat sinister magical world of plant lore. For centuries, plant lore has been associated with witches, and the plants they use to cast their spells and brew their potions. Certain trees were thought to be witch trees, rife with magical power waiting to be exploited by those with the right knowledge. Certain plants, flowers, roots, and herbs were thought to contain magical effects as well, causing disease, conjuring demons and nightmares, or imbuing the user with the powers of witchcraft and Satan himself. Other plants still were associated with healing, spiritual transformation, and other positive powers of magic. In this sometimes uplifting and sometimes disquieting collection, author Corinne Boyer takes the reader through both sides of this field of magic, exploring the history, folklore and power of various plants. A vital read for practicing witches interested in incorporating plants and herbs into their craft.

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