Savannah Essence - An Energetic Essence Capturing The Magic of Savannah, GA

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Channel the haunting magic of Savannah, GA, call in creativity and protect yourself against negative energies!

Use this essence any time you need to feel a touch of magic in your day or even if you're just missing the energy floating through our haunted southern city. We've included essences of black tourmaline and jasmine in our blend to bring in an extra layer of art, dreaminess, romance, and a dose of protection magic for good measure.

This haunting elixer evokes moonlit walks, fragrant squares, and low country magic. Drop under your tongue, into your drink, or even in your bathwater.

An essence is the energetic imprint of a plant or environment held in water and preserved with a small amount of brandy, there are no essential oils in here bb!

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Contains essences of Spanish moss, black tourmaline, cobble stone, haunted cemetery strolls, jasmine, and summer storms. Preserved in brandy and spring water.

Made in Savannah, GA

1oz glass bottle with dropper


*An essence does not have a fragrance or flavor. There is no plant material remaining in this essence. It is a vibrational imprint of plants and places. There are no essential oils in an essence.

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