Sacred Fire Palo Santo Spray

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Purify your space and aura with the Sacred Fire Palo Santo Spray. Created as an alternative to smoke cleansing, this spray is made to clear and brighten the aura while helping you charge and uplift any down energy.

Palo Santo also known as "Holy Wood" energy keeps you grounded and stable. Use to cleanse yourself and your space, and also as a room fragrance spray. Add to your ritual practice or also use to replace any burn wands. 

+528hz is the frequency of miracles, love, harmony and balance. Each batch of Sacred Fire is charged with a 528hz tuning fork to raise its molecules to the highest healing frequency possible.

+Peruvian Palo Santo is sustainably sourced and harvested into essential oil that indues calming and uplifting energies

+Frankincense works to bring inspiration and helps in divination

+Fire Amber draws in personal power and is a master manifestor

+Sandlewood pairs perfectly with Palo Santo to help clear the path for journey work and meditation


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