Indulge Perfume Self Care Seagrape Apothecary

Indulge Perfume


A pampering, luxurious blend of plush florals - this aphrodisiac perfume is sure to be a treat for everyone around you. Lavender relaxes, ylang ylang brings sensuality, and patchouli and geranium play for a complex and joyful blend.

Our perfumes are packaged in clear ⅓ oz glass roll on bottles, with herbs and botanicals inside to continually infuse the perfume oil with the healing qualities of the herbs.

The base oil is silky smooth grape seed oil that is quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving an oily residue. Ingredients: Grape seed oil, Essential Oil Blend (lavender, geranium, patchouli) Organic Herbs (hibiscus flower petal.) & Love. VEGAN

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