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Gratitude & Universal Love Meditation Print


Color breathing meditation print or trataka, focusing on gratitude and love though our self-reflection and connectivity to each other. Creating a sense of beholden gratitude for our connection to this earth plane and human existence on earth. We must take time in our busy lives to give thanks to the cosmos and ether energies, spirit guides, friends, family, & the natural world. Focusing on what we have in common more than what disconnects us and makes us different. Releasing energies of un-acceptance for self and other and the beauty of what it is to be alive.

Turquoise is calming, and brings a strong sense of acceptance and individuality. It also embodies rejuvenation and restoration and supports our nervous system.

Gold embodies solar energy and our life force. It is the wisdom keeper and can support self-doubt. This color energy also contains ancestral wisdom.

Violet is tranquilizing and it has a very neptunian calming effect to help enhance visions and heighten our intuition to help us visualize our harmonic dreams. It is the highest amplitude color in the spectrum.

Pink is the ultimate gratitude color of support and unconditional love. It stimulates our heart and brings compassion.

Blue helps form our communication and clarify our speech, it also helps cool the body and bring us into tranquility. Blue is the nurturer of the spectrum.

16” X 12” Wall print unframed, ships flat.

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