Everything is Going to be Okay


Often deemed one of the—if not the— most powerful of all the spiritual practices, guided breath meditation is also the easiest. Often, all we need in order to feel better is to focus our consciousness within. When we allow ourselves to take our thoughts off the physical world and become aware again of the infinite within, we experience waves of relief.

You don't have to think yourself into alignment. You can just let everything else go, and below the muck lies the alignment you seek. When you focus on your breath, the build-up of thoughts seems to disappear on its own. What's left is pure positive energy.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay is a collection of 11 of Jessica Mullen's best guided breath meditations. 

Listen to one or a few of the tracks in between classes or on your lunch break for an instant mood boost. Read the transcriptions when you wake up or right before bed for a source of upliftment and relaxation.

Let these meditations be your companions and your portal to the now, wherever you may be.