Dark Days Tarot Deck

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The Dark Days Tarot deck is inspired by the dark days of the lunar cycle when we are energetically drawn toward reflection. The artist is continually inspired by the way in which, like oceans, we are subtly synced with the moon. Dark days encourage deeper rest and heightened sensitivity, and thus a more intuitive state. This deck captures the essence of these days, making this energy available to you for the entirety of any lunar cycle. Darkness is the subconscious, the dream world, the spirit realm, the unknown, and fertile ground for self-reflection. It offers an opportunity to “see” with senses other than eyesight. Answers, clues, and journeying linger in darkness. This deck exalts darkness as infinite power.

Created by Wren McMurdo Brignac 78 black and white Tarot cards with a 180-pg. flip guidebook.

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