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Conduit to Channel the Soul Path Meditation Print


Color breathing meditation print or trataka to help work on grounding in order to channel from the higher self. This emphasis is on the root and crown chakras and comes with a guided meditation on color breathing as well as a crystal companion and sound frequency correspondence. You may also listen to this sound frequency while doing the color breathing meditation exercise to enhance the meditation. If you feel like just staring into the color abyss and see what comes practicing trataka meditation that also works. It is suggested to journal and chronicle your experience and imagery, messages, symbols, etc. that comes to you as you practice so it becomes easier to tap in and you can record your experience to look back on. This color breathing technique was designed to help you create a cyclical breathing pattern connecting from the earth to the cosmos.

Red stimulates, and excites our sensory experience. It promotes action as it grounds and unblocks or unclogs, fear, guilt or stagnant energy. Clears blockages to liberate us from trauma and clear our pathway forward. Grounding into earth is important in order to channel in.

Orange is also vitalizing, helps with fear and nervous tensions and depression.

Magenta is a powerful magnetizing color. It is also linked to our soul star chakra above the head and can promote our channeling powers. It also stimulates the adrenals and can help with emotional disturbances. It helps build our energy and aura and supports the emotional heart.

Violet is the complimentary opposite to red as they are each on the far opposite ends of the spectrum. Violet is tranquilizing and it has a very neptunian calming effect to help enhance visions and heighten our intuition. It is the highest amplitude color in the spectrum.

16” X 12” Wall print unframed, ships flat.

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