Clear Communication & Concentration Meditation Print

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This color breathing meditation is designed for those giving a speech, studying, struggling with writers block or need deep concentration. It stimulates our mental faculties while enhancing the throat chakra to bring clarity through thought and speech. It relaxes while emphasizing concentration. Comes with a guided meditation on color breathing as well as a crystal companion and sound frequency correspondence. You may also listen to this sound frequency while doing the color breathing meditation exercise to enhance the meditation.

Blue is a calming and tranquil and it helps aid in relaxation and all forms of communicating. Sky blue is our throat chakra and working with this color can help our speech become clear and concise. It is also a an anti-inflammatory color to reduce swelling in tissue or joints and provides anti-itch similar to turquoise. Blue can also help reduce fever and ease burns.

Green is also cooling, and creates balance with our emotions. It also helps with oxygenation and deep breathing to help get your breath flowing. It calms anxiety and tension.

16” X 12” Wall print unframed, ships flat.

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