Citrine Tumbled Crystal

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Keywords: Sacral Chakra • Creativity  • Manifestation 

About: A big burst of sunshine is waiting for you in each piece of citrine! This crystal can shine a warm light on us giving a big boost in positive energy. Citrine is so upbeat that it's said to not hold on to negative energy which means you can look to it when you want to transmute tough times into something golden. Grab this sunny beauty when you need a pick me up or as an aid in your manifestations.

Citrine is a gorgeous stone of abundance and is often referred to as 'The Merchant's Stone' because it's thought to attract wealth. You may start noticing citrine tucked into tip jars or displayed near cash registers for this purpose!

*this listing is for one individually selected citrine point

Average Size: 15g 1.25”x0.75”

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