Chime Candles


5" candles with cotton wick for your altar, spells and rituals. Burn time is approximately 2 hours.

Here are some color associations for working with candle magic. Possibilities are endless, if a color resonates differently with you then trust your instincts and go with the flow.

Purple- intuition, psychic matters, peace, ancestors, travel

Blue- creativity, healing, patience, emotion, hope

Pink- friendship, self love, compassion, joy

Yellow- energy, inspiration, focus, success, communication

White- fresh beginnings, purification, peace

Red- strength, vitality, will power, love, courage

Orange- ambition, business, home

Grey/Silver- moon magic, goddess energy, cosmic mind, dreams

Black- protection, releasing/repelling negativity, mark the end of a phase or period in your life, transition

Green- abundance, health, money, growth