Breaking Through Stagnation to Creativity Meditation Print Moon Nectar Apothecary

Breaking Through Stagnation to Creativity Meditation Print


Grounding and liberating from fear and guilt into creative visions & relief from sickness. This color breathing meditation print was designed for the Root, sacral and solar plexus chakras focusing on our creative power and what is blocking our pathway forward through the root chakra. Enhancing our creative and psychic energy center into manifestation. This is also an excellent color for breaking up a chest cold. If congested breath into the chest area. comes with a guided meditation on color breathing as well as a crystal companion and sound frequency correspondence. You may also listen to this sound frequency while doing the color breathing meditation exercise to enhance the meditation. If you feel like just staring into the color abyss and see what comes practicing trataka meditation that also works. It is suggested to journal and chronicle your experience afterwards with any imagery, messages, symbols, etc. that comes to you as you practice so it becomes easier to tap in and you can record your experience to look back on.

Red is our blood and root connection. It stimulates blood flow and unclogs or unblocks our pathway of trapped stagnant energy from trauma, ancestral, or events in life that keep us in fear of the future.

Orange is warm and encouraging it invites us into creativity and is refreshing and revitalizing while stimulating our creative faculties.

Yellow promotes our intellect opening our solar plexus chakra also known as our gut brain and our power center. It brings clarity, and aids digestion, assimilation and assists metabolism. Yellow is an excellent color for focus and concentration.


16” X 12” Wall print unframed, ships flat.

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