We are enamored with plant magic here at The Circle and have been digging deeper into this side of our practice as we seek guidance, medicine, and spiritual allies as the world continues to feel out of control. Magic and medicine are all around us, all we need to do is open our eyes to it.


A few of us here have fallen in love with flower essences, some have been working with them for years, while others are newer to this subtle medicine. We've been building relationships with our gardens and listening to the flowers, learning from nature and finding our way to specific flower spirits.


We've partnered with local Savannah folk herbalist, Chelsea Bryant, to share a little information about flower essences. Continue reading below to learn more about this potent magic.


Enjoy this guest post written by Chelsea Bryant

Flower Essences



Flower essences are potent, vibrational medicines predicated on the belief that we are
layered, multi-faceted beings existing on various planes within our spirit and
physicality. Communication and harmony between these layers–our physical identities
and spiritual psyche–is essential to the birth and preservation of our joy, vitality,
succulence, and authenticity.

This is where the subtle medicine of flower essences shine as an herbal ally.

The homeopathic preparation of each essence distills the distinct energetic signature of
the chosen flower, capturing the “essence” of the plant and the transformative wisdom it
carries. Made from a single bloom on a sunny day + water and brandy, each essence
becomes the vibrational imprint of the flower, extracted by the sun’s rays, which we then
take into our bodies as a botanical remedy.

Have you ever heard something so magical?

Flower essences are the most gentle form of herbal medicine, bearing no physical trace
of the plant from which they are extracted. There is no taste or fragrance and yet the
subtlety of their offering is what makes the medicine so potent. Drop by drop, this
profound untangling softens, heals, restores flow, and clears away what isn't serving our
highest good.

These medicines travel deep into the source of dysfunction and work to untangle
patterns of negative thought, blocked intuition, and toxicity that hinder communication
with our highest selves.

So where do I start?

As a folk herbalist, I hold a deep trust in the intuitive guidance of my own unconscious
as well as respect and attunement to the plant spirit world. If you feel drawn to a
particular flower, it most likely holds medicine for you. Trust yourself. Flower essences
have no negative side effects so the worst that could happen is that nothing will happen.

There are a lot of truly fabulous herbal practitioners making flower essences out there
and it's a beautiful practice to make your own!

What is the recommended dosage?

I recommend the traditional dosage of 4 drops, 4 times daily. You can take this directly
on the tongue, in water, or into a magical herbal elixir. I like to add a few drops to my bath ritual as well as pulse points on the body. Once again, trust your attunement to the
medicine and connect in ways that feel right to you.

We hope you enjoyed this post and feel inspired to connect with the nature spirits around you. 



Your friendly plant witches.