Spring Equinox is comin' in hot on March 20th! This is a time of renewal, beginnings, abundant creativity, fresh energy! It's one of our favorite times of year. We're feeling inspired and refreshed in the shop and ready to make magic! Spring is optimistic, it's warmer days ahead, it's greenery, plant magic, abundance, playing in the garden, bbqs, and sunshine. Are you as excited as we are??



With the Spring Equinox coming up we thought it would be fun to share some of our garden magic with you! This is something you can do while planting seeds or even just repotting your precious plant babes. 


For this post we're working with Sow the Magic seed packs which are available in our store. They're organic, open pollinated, and each seed corresponds to a tarot card! These seeds are making us feel extra magical from the get go, but we use this entire ritual with all kinds of seeds and plant starts.


Before we really dig in, let's charge each seed (or plant) with our energy + intention. Take a few deep breaths and think about what you want to achieve, what you're manifesting, what you want to grow in your life this season. While you're getting your seeds, plants, and miscellaneous ingredients ready try to infuse this energy into everything you're handling. Intention is everything in magic, really get in the zone here. Are you ready to grow your magic?


Prepare Your Space: Gather a bell, favorite incense, and crystals that correspond to your intentions. (all of this is optional, work with what feels good and what's easy for you to access) Ring your bell to clear the air & mark the beginning of your garden ritual. Light your incense and let the smoke waft into your planting vessels and around your workspace as you get grounded and focused.


Get Clear: What do you want to bring in? Get dreamy here, visualize your dreams and goals coming to life. What does it feel like to have your manifestations become a reality? Be open and ask for clarity if you're struggling to put that feeling into words. Whenever you're ready, write your intention down on a small piece of paper.


Sow Your Magic: Place your intention at the bottom of your plant container, use your hands to scoop the soil while you ground your energy into each new plant. Talk to your plants, seriously! Your intention is a spell, whisper it to each little seedling. Water your seeds while sending thanks, love, magic, and joy to each new plant.


Once your little plant babes are planted, revisit your intention regularly. Imagine it as though it's already happened, your dreams have come true!


Visit your seeds on the reg, remember that these little babies are growing your intentions. You can place crystals around (or in if they're water safe) your pots if that's in your practice. Do you make moonwater? This is a sweet opportunity to use it, sprinkle some on your plants as they grow.


Remember, you're growing your intentions along with these seeds. Be active in your manifestations, what steps are you taking to make magic happen? Magic is in the everyday, we don't set it and forget it babes:)



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