We've been thinking a lot about refreshing our spaces and giving ourselves a clean start as we set intentions for the year ahead and get clear about what we want moving forward. It's important to clear out stuck, funky, or negative energy from time to time and if you don't have a regular practice of doing so then this is your sign to start!

We love a dreamy vibe but it's hard to get if the space you occupy feels energetically off or cluttered. Below we've listed six of our favorite ways to shift the energy in our homes, and most of them are smoke-free! These same practices can be adapted to cleanse your home, office, car, or really any space you occupy.


6 Ways To Energetically Cleanse Your Home


  • Smoke cleansing can be done with any loose herb or resin you feel connected to, your favorite incense, or a burn wand from the local metaphysical shop. Open those windows, think about the stagnant energy flowing out, consider the energy you want in your space, and walk through your space letting the smoke waft in all corners/rooms/closets etc. If you're not familiar with creating or burning a loose incense then check out this blog post we wrote for a fun incense DIY! 


  • Have you heard of sound cleansing? This is a really fun way to remove any chaotic or negative energy from your home! You can march through your home clapping, banging pots, singing at the top of your lungs, or even playing an instrument. One of our fave ways to cleanse the shop after a funky day is to play our favorite Spotify tunes and carry our speaker around the shop. Try starting at your front door and working clockwise through the inside of your house:) Maybe throw in a funky dance move to be reeaaally sure the ick is out!


  • Salt is a great ingredient to utilize when clearing your space. We love it not only for purifying but also for the addition of protective qualities it brings in! Salt is also readily available in most kitchens and we're big fans of using what you have:) Try sprinkling salt at the entrance of your home and on your window sills, add a small bowl to your altar, make a general clearing spray with just salt water or add in a little essential oil to make it super vibey! Looking for ways to cleanse your crystals?? A lot of crystals can be placed in a bowl of salt to clear any lingering energy! Not every crystal is into this method though, so def do a little googling before.


  • Make a simmer pot with delicious-smelling fruits, herbs, and spices! Think about the feeling you want in your home and select ingredients that speak to that energy or do a little online research for some great recipe ideas. Simmer pots are delightful, easy to personalize, and tend to leave your home feeling extra cozy and lovey. We're so obsessed with simmer pots that we actually make a few to sell in the shop! If you want something ready to go you can check them out here.


  • Rearrange your art or furniture! Seriously, this is so helpful when your space is feeling stuck. While you're shuffling things around make sure to clean the corners and hidden spaces that were previously covered. The movement of items in your home, on your desk, or in any space you occupy can kick up stagnant energy and get things flowing again.


  • Craft an intention spray or floor wash. We wrote a blog post with our go-to recipe, favorite essential oils with basic correspondences, and our simple ritual for when we physically clean and energetically cleanse our store.


  • A broom is basically an icon of cleeaaaan but did you know your broom (or besom) can also be used for a little spiritual clean-up and protection too? Brooms have been used in folk magic for hundreds of years as a symbol of protection and used to remove energetic clutter from the home. At The Circle we often use hand brooms before rituals by sweeping them a few inches off of our altars, tools, and even our hands/bodies. We would use an away motion in this instance to sweep away the stuck energy to make room for fresh. You can use the same concept with a full-size broom to sweep energy out of corners and literally sweep it out the door! There's an incredible history of brooms in witchcraft and we definitely recommend doing a little research:) 


Now go forth and shake it up babes! You can take the time for this practice as often as you like or any time you've had a rough day or an argument with a roomie. The key is to move that energy out while crafting your intention for the energy you want to harness. 

Do you have a preferred method of cleansing your home? We'd love to hear about it! Drop us a comment and let us know!


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