Magic, Seven Days a Week

Correspondences and Energy for an Everyday Practice

Have you ever noticed how each day has it's own special vibe?? Working with the planetary energies connected to each day of the week is a cool way to slip in a little magic, be intentional with your energy, live in alignment with the cosmos, and find a holistic way to schedule your work and activities!


We're learning how to work with these energies at The Circle and we're not looking back! A couple of ways that we are personally connecting to these planetary vibes are by wearing the corresponding colors and scheduling our work tasks to coincide with the planet's specific gifts. Being this intentional with our work schedule has shifted things in a huge way! We're now working WITH the flow instead of against it and it's made such a difference. You don't have to map everything around the planets if you don't want to, but give it a try for a week or two and let us know what you think! 



Planet: Sun (healing, success, prosperity, growth, confidence, vitality)

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange

Crystals: Citrine, Amber, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Sunstone, Topaz

Plants: Chamomile, Sunflower, Frankincense, Cedar, Calendula, Rosemary


Easy like a Sunday morning..... That's the saying right? Let the sunshine in and recharge your personal battery, acknowledge your power, and connect with yourself while letting that inner radiance shine! Spend some time doing what makes you truly happy. Sundays are healing, warm hugs, strength in softness, nurturing, and a good scene all around.





Planet: Moon (intuition, psychic knowledge, dreams, emotions)

Colors: Silver, White, Lavender, Light grey

Crystals: Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Opal

Plants: Jasmine, Vervain, Mugwort, Lotus, Mushrooms



Why do so many of us feel like we have to hit the ground running on Moonday?? If you can, take a beat and set aside a little you time. The Moon is so dreamy and introspective making this a beautiful day to reflect, dive into some dream work, or pull out your fave form of divination. Mondays are lovely days to focus on nurturing, family, and growth. It's a little softer than how most of us are currently spending our Mondays right? Save that fiery first day of the week energy for tomorrow;).





Planet: Mars (strength, courage, protection, determination, action, victory)

Colors: Red, Orange

Crystals: Pyrite, Garnet, Hematite

Plants: Basil, Cayenne, Nettle, Patchouli, Pepper, Ginger


This is a day for going after what you want. Today's vibe is fiery, courageous, and energetic. Tuesdays are for taking action and being productive! This is the day you get shit done. Take big steps to accomplishing your goals, check things off that to do list, build momentum in an area of your life that's felt stagnant, workout some aggression, start a bike polo team.... Just get movin' and crush any obstacles in your way.





Planet: Mercury (communication, tech, news, education, socializing)

Colors: Blue, Green

Crystals: Aventurine, Kyanite, Larimar, Lapis Lazuli, Shunghite

Plants: Mint, Dill, Lavendar, Caraway, Thyme


Mercury is the planet of communication + technology making Wednesdays great for computer upkeep, emails, and phone calls. Update your apps, send out your newsletter, schedule your work meetings, start writing your novel. This is a beautiful day for self-expression and making changes in your life! We love dropping some of our fave Incantation Elixer into our tea on Wednesday mornings to help us connect with the energies of this day:)





Planet: Jupiter (expansion, luck, prosperity, spiritual growth, harvest)

Colors: Purple, Royal blue

Crystals: Turquoise, Amethyst, Sapphire

Plants: Cinnamon, Carnation, Dandelion, Sage, Fig, Oak


Call it all in on Jupiter day! Jupiter is super generous you guys, so ask for what you want! Thursday is good for handling your money matters (or working some $$ magic). This is also a super sweet day to express your gratitude for everything and everyone around you. Be open to abundance, and spend time with the folks who make you smile. Make sure you leave an offering as a thank you to Jupiter! Think of this planet as your bff's fancy, rich grandpa and leave a little thimble of whiskey out;)





Planet: Venus (love, friendship, beauty, art, luxury, attraction, compassion)

Colors: Pink, Green

Crystals: Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Mangano Calcite, Emerald, Watermelon Tourmaline, Malachite, Moldavite

Plants: Rose, Hibiscus, Geranium, Damiana, Bergamont, Apple, Vanilla, Passion Flower


Venus Day, oh how we love you! Lean into art, beauty, love, friendship, fertility, and passion. Spread love and radiate those good vibes! Indulge in yourself today, get the fancy chocolate or cook a decadent meal. Venus isn't just about ooeygooey love stuff, it's also about success in ALL your relationships. Tell your friends you appreciate them, send thank you cards, plan a cutie date night for yourself/best friends/partner. Venus is luxurious and laid back, no chasing just attracting. 





Planet: Saturn (grounding, clearing, banishing, structure)

Colors: Black, Indigo

Crystals: Sapphire, Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz

Plants: Valerian, Comfrey, Indigo, Mullein, Garlic


Out with the old, in with the new!  Leave the BS from the week behind with a salt scrub in the shower to wash away any lingering ugh. Today we clear the path for the week ahead, maybe do a little closet clean out, empty the trash from our handbags, really anything to set us up for a fresh week. Do your banishing spells and your cleansing today, practice setting boundaries and work protection magic.

So there we have it! Learning these basic correspondences and channeling this energy has had an incredible effect on us here. If you find yourself working with the planets drop us a note! We're dying to hear how you all incorporate this vibe into your day to day.




Mia + Julia