Add A Little Fire To Your Practice


How to Dress an Altar Candle and Create Your Own Ritual



Dressing your candles can help you align your magic with your goal. Candle magic is one of our very favorite ways to create magic in our lives, work spells, and manifest. We're sharing our favorite oils, herbs, and methods for anointing our own candles. We'll even talk a teensy bit about how to add a little color magic!

Let's get started, yes??


Where to start: Magic is energy and working with candles can be a powerful way to focus your energy and intentions. With this said, we can confidently say that setting your intention is step one. Are you attracting? Clearing? Banishing? Get really clear about what you want to achieve.


Choose your candle: Select any candle that you're called to or have readily available. Most folks prefer to work with specific colors for specific outcomes, like green for money, purple for intuition, or black for protection. (We've added our color correspondences below for you to reference). Chime candles are great to work with, they come in tons of colors and usually only cost $1ish:). These can be great for shorter spells as they burn quickly. You can also use votives or tea lights! We recently had someone tell us that they love to use birthday candles when they're short on time but the spell calls for you to let the candle burn all the way down (what a witchy life hack!). But sometimes you need a biggie pilar candle if it's a spell you want to work over a longer period of time. Really think about your needs and select the best candle for you!


Are you carving your candle?: If you're carving your intention, images, or sigils into your candle than now is the time! You can use a safety pin or anything sharp to carve into the wax. Sometimes Mia even uses the post from an old pearl earring. Safety first though, watch your fingers babes! And remember that all of this is part of your magic. Do this work with focus, a clear mind, and while envisioning your outcome as though it's already come true.


Anoint your candle: Select your base oil, any essential oils, and herbs... Anything you want to dress your candle with should be gathered and readily available in front of you. (A list of oils & herbs we use is available below). If working with essential oils please mix these with your base oil (we use jojoba as a base oil) as they can be harsh on the skin. Pour a small amount of oil on your hands, a little goes a long way. We're going to lightly coat our candle with our base oil and any essential oils. If you're manifesting or calling anything into your life you want to add the oil onto your candle from top to bottom (or towards you). If you're banishing you'll work from bottom to top (or away from you). Now, this is when you start adding your herbs! Use a very small amount of dried herb here, place herbs by sprinkling them or even rolling your candle into a small pile of herbs on a plate. If you'd like to add any significant colors you can do so by lighting a color candle and letting it drip over the herbs that you've placed on your spell candle.


*If you're adding herbs to your candles please remember that they are flammable, never leave your lit candle unattended and always watch for herbs catching. Safety first babes.


Create your ritual or spell: Now that you've done so much preparation, let's really get to business! It's time to create your ritual. This is all about you and your personal practice. Your ritual can be as simple or as complicated as you like! No matter what your preference, we always want to start by cleansing our space. You can do this by burning herbs that are sacred to you or your ancenstry (try rosemary, garden sage, or even mugwort if you don't know where to start), using a clearing spray (like our fave Sacred Fire), bells are great for clearing as well.  Once you're space is clear it's time to connect to your breath, get grounded, and make some magic.


Light your candle, state your intention, take a moment here to gaze at the flame and meditate. Stay connected with your breath, keep checking in with yourself and your intention. If you're working this candle spell for one day let it burn down. Stay in the room, never leave your lit candles unattended! If you're working this magic over a number of days, use your snuffer to put it out and relight your candle every single day while you work your spell.


When you have completed your candle ritual, check in with yourself, reground yourself, and thank your guides/universe/higher self/whatever you feel guides you in your magic. Giving gratitude is important, never skip this step.


Here are some color associations for working with candle magic. Possibilities are endless! If a color resonates differently with you then trust your instincts and go with the flow.


Purple- intuition, psychic matters, peace, ancestors, travel


Blue- creativity, healing, patience, emotion, hope


Pink- friendship, self love, compassion, joy


Yellow- energy, inspiration, focus, success, communication


White- fresh beginnings, purification, peace


Red- strength, vitality, will power, love, courage


Orange- ambition, business, home


Grey/Silver- moon magic, goddess energy, cosmic mind, dreams


Black- protection, releasing/repelling negativity, mark the end of a phase or period in your life, transition


Green- abundance, health, money, growth


We have a few herbs that we use regularly in our magic. Here's a short list of what we like to keep on hand and some of their magical correspondances. Do your research and remember to work with what resonates with you!


Chamomile- Peace, Healing, Prosperity, Self-Love


Rosemary- Intellect, Purification, Protection


Mugwort- Clairvoyance, Dream Work, Intuition


Basil- Abundance, Self-Love, Love. Basil is lovely to work with to clear negativity and create a calm atmosphere as well. This plant can be powerful when used in money spells $$$


Pepper- Protection, Control


Cardomom- Creativity, Love, Divination


Rue- Protection. Especially against psychic attacks but can be used to protect from any outside influences or even yourself if you're falling into self-sabotage or you'd like to release bad habits. 



Take a peek at a couple of our favorite essential oils to work with! Again, not an exhaustive list of their magical correspondences:) Consider this a tiny launching pad. And remember, you do you!! Work with any of these ingredients in a way that is meaningful and magical to you.


Rose EO- Love, Intuition, Protection


Frankincense EO- Purification


Eucalyptus EO- Healing, Clarity, Energy Clearing



Happy magic making!!