DIY: Clearing Spray for Home or Body


DIY: Intention Spray & Floor Wash


Today we're sharing something we regularly use to cleanse our space of any stagnant or negative energies. 


At The Circle, we make all of our own clearing sprays and floor washes so that we can work with specific herbs and fragrances, instill our intentions, and make sure the shop vibes always feel good. While the sprays we use are specifically for energetic clearing, the floor wash works both for energetic and literal floor cleaning. Double whammy!


You'll find both of our basic recipes below, as well as a list of our favorite herb and essential oil combos. Don't be afraid to customize these to suit your own needs and desired outcome! You have the tools to create a beautiful protective spray for your home, a floor cleaner that inspires comfort & creativity, even a body spray to ignite self-love and confidence :) Get creative with your magic and craft something beautiful for yourself!


DIY Herbal Clearing Spray


Gather your ingredients:

-moon water or regular distilled water

-Fresh or dried herbs and/or essential oils. (You'll find a list of some faves below) if using herbs, just a sprig or pinch of dried. If using oils 10-20 drops or as little/much as you prefer.

-A water-safe crystal (totally optional)

-A pinch of salt for cleansing & clearing qualities

-A 4 oz glass spray bottle

-2 tsp preservative (vodka or witch hazel are good options)


Combine your ingredients & give the jar a gentle shake to disperse. Be clear about your intent, and remember that energy flows through us. You want to focus on your desired outcome with an open heart and a clear mind.



DIY Floor Cleaner Concentrate

- 1 cup white vinegar

- 1 cup cheap vodka

- 20ish drops of your favorite essential oil blend

- Approximately 1 TBL of Sal's Suds or natural dish soap


Combine your vinegar, vodka, and essential oils into a jar. Add in your suds last. Easy! Now you have a concentrated cleaner for when you're ready.


To use: Fill a mop bucket with hot water, and pour in approximately 1/8th cup of your cleaning concentrate. No need to be terribly specific; you just want it to get sudsy! Go through your house and get grounded while you mop. Make sure to thank your home for all that it provides for you.


We love doing a deep clean at home when the moon is in either a full or new phase or any time we have a special ritual planned. 


A few of our favorite essential oils & herbs:


Geranium: love, healing, protection

Patchouli: passion, prosperity, spiritual growth

Vanilla: happiness, comfort, friendship

Mugwort: clairvoyance, third eye opening, protection

Lavender: purification, love, protection

Rosemary: intellect, protection, purification

Cardomom: creatifvity, divination, love

Black Pepper: protection, control

Eucalyptus: healing, cleansing

Peppermint: purification, healing

Basil: prosperity, abundance, strength

Orange: luck, abundance, clarity, sun energy


*these are some basic correspondences. Let your intuition guide you & feel free to create your own herbal correspondences.



Mia + Julia