Cozy season, witch season, PSL season, whatever name you give it can actually be pinpointed on the calendar as the Autumn Equinox and this year it’s on September 22nd. Let the celebrations begin!

We’ve been counting down the days to cozy season and some of us maaaybe even declared it fall at the beginning of August….. We’re just here livin’ our truth, obviously VERY excited for the change of season.

For a lot of Earth based practices both the solstice and equinox can be energetically powerful times. The Autumn Equinox specifically is a time of harvest before winding down into the chilly months ahead. It’s a time of abundance as traditionally we might be harvesting the fruits and vegetables that would need to be enjoyed or preserved before winter. In our modern celebrations of this equinox we can give thanks for the bounty we’ve received, give to those in need, recognize our hard work and all that we’ve brought into fruition this year. Enjoy the simple pleasures, be thankful for the blessings we often take for granted, enjoy the balance and harmony of the equinox.

We’re rolling into shorter, darker days which for some may bring a sense of dread as we say see ya later to beach hangs and park picnics. But with darkness comes an incubation period, a time for the seeds of our ideas to germinate and grow. The Autumn Equinox gently encourages us into a period of looking inward and digging deep so that by the end of winter we emerge refreshed and ready to expand on everything we’ve learned about ourselves and clear on what we want to manifest in the spring/summer.

How do you celebrate this equinox?? We always recommend finding ways that feel personal, intuitive, and sacred to you. Celebrating these seasonal shifts is truly about honoring the moment you are in, the right here right now version of you. Look to nature for cues, give thanks, and prepare for the season ahead. Keep reading for a ritual idea, a few ways to celebrate, and some seasonal correspondences for your altars and other magical workings.

Ritual: Prepare your space. Cleanse with smoke, sound, or any way you prefer. Think back on your spring/summer, what feelings/energy/events/habits really stand out? Now think ahead to your fall/winter, visualize your goals as if they’re already true and think of how you want to feel and experience the world around you. Grab a few snippets of paper and write down one thing from spring/summer that you’ll be carrying with you through the rest of the year, one thing you’re happy to leave behind, and one goal that you’re excited to manifest in the season ahead. Now burn what you’re leaving, slip the paper that holds what energy you’re carrying with you into your wallet, and plant the paper you’re manifesting to watch it grow in the months to come.

Some beautiful ways to experience the equinox: 

  • Remember your ancestors, make them a place at your table, create an altar for them, leave them an offering

  • Close out a busy summer season with a little divination sesh. Have you tried scrying? No fancy tools needed, just a mirror, fire, or water to give this form of divination a try.

  • Since this is such a harvesty time, plan a potluck with your friends and chosen family! Witches love to party!! Use fresh local herbs, seasonal veggies, bake some fresh bread, and don’t forget the wine (or spiced cider)! If you have the privilege of shopping at your local farm stands this is a great way to support your local agriculture and celebrate in an eco conscious way.

  • And I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion, but sometimes the ‘un-celebration’ is the best celebration:) Since the days will be getting shorter, maybe give your body extra rest, stay in bed a little longer or have coffee & breakfast in bed, have a spooky movie marathon in your pj’s. Shuffle around your home today, make a simmer pot with lots of cinnamon & apples, hang your fall decor, open your windows to let the season in, and just cozy up your home scene. Don’t feel like you have to do an epic ritual to be magical! Being present and caring for yourself, your loved ones, and the planet is often the best form of celebration.

Here are a few recommendations if you’re building an altar or interested in incorporating some tradish correspondences:

Plants/Foods: Apples, figs, bay leaves, rose hips, cinnamon, pumpkins, wheat, roots, acorns, mushrooms

Colors: Dark green, burnt orange, burgundy, gold

Crystals/Minerals/Metals: Amber, citrine, tigers eye, gold, stilbite, carnelian, smoky quartz

Happy Autumn Equinox! However you choose to celebrate is the best way to celebrate:) Enjoy the season angels!


Mia + Julia

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