February is ripe with honeyed currents of wild romance, blissy vibes, beauty, and opportunities for lush pleasure of all kinds. We absolutely adore sending love beams out into the world, and there’s ample space for that gorgeousness, of course. Let’s never stop!

Just remember to take some time for your own heart and spirit, to reclaim your primal pleasure and attune to your innate sense of empowerment–especially with the intense energies swirling at high speed this month!  The collective benefits when our individual spirit is nourished and lingered over.  

We want your sweet self to feel deeply romanced and honored and this month is perfect for just that.  A juicy bath ritual is one of our favorite magical acts that will drop you into your body and activate your succulent divine presence. 


Slow yourself down.  Look in the mirror.  Really look in the mirror at the gorgeous creature gazing back and craft a love letter, out loud, on paper, silently.  There are no rules.  Celebrate your journey.  

Once you have arrived to an expanse of stillness and power, begin creating a space of holy deliciousness in your bathroom.  Forage, purchase, or acquire some sort of beautiful flower bouquet or plant.  One that tantalizes and delights.  Place it near your bathtub.

Pour yourself a beverage that feels special and evokes visions of who you aspire to be.  Is it champagne or wine?  A mocktail?  A cozy infusion?  Perhaps its sparkling water spiked with plants in the form of tinctures, elixirs, essences, and vinegars.

Dim the lights. Burn candles and herbs.  We like Mugwort for that dreamy third-eye opening quality.  We want you to really see yourself–who you are at your beautiful essence!

Add 2 cups of Salt (Epsoms) to soothe 

½ cup dry Coconut Milk to soften

½ cup dry Rose Petals to open your heart

1 tsp of your favorite Oil (we love jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, even olive!)

10 drops of any Essential Oils that ignite feelings of love, groundedness, nourishment, strength, beauty, and pleasure (we could go on). Some of our favorite blends include Cardamom + Geranium and Vanilla + Rose. 

Soak.  Radiate what these words and energies mean to you from the bottom of your toes to the top of your head.  Wrap yourself in pink light.  Meditate.  Listen to a favorite playlist or book.  Marinate in touch. Have a fancy snack in the water.  Do whatever you want because you’re the only one that holds the key to your desires, healing, and pleasure.

Adorn yourself in something that feels luxurious. Rest and integrate.

This post was written by Chelsea Bryant. Chelsea is a folk herbalist, and graphic designer currently residing in the magical city of Savannah, GA.

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