Have you been interested in essences but not suuuuper sure how to incorporate them into your practice?? We've been getting so many questions about this, so, here are 20 ways to use any essence!

1. Keep it simple and just add a few drops to your water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

2. Add a drop or two of Jasmine Flower Essence to your lotion, face oil, or foundation for a touch of glamour magic.

3. Place a little Basil Flower Essence in your wallet to attract abundance.

4. Drop a little essence magic into your laundry or home cleaning products to spread that intention around your magical abode.

5. Mix a couple drops into the soil when you pot your houseplants.

6. Drop your favorite essence into your watering can and turn plant care into a ritual.

7. Drop some Magnolia Flower Essence onto your ancestor altar to work through generational wounds.

8. Anoint yourself, your altar, your cash, your art!

9. Create an instant potion by adding 2-4 drops to your tea or coffee.

10. Plan a magical dinner and drop a little essence into a soup or salad dressing to share the magic.

11. Add an essence to your moon water and work with that intention for a full moon cycle (or more).

12. Anoint your tarot deck before a reading.

13. Add a few drops to your bath water and meditate on your intentions.

14. Anoint your hands with Hibiscus Flower Essence before your ritual work to give your magic an extra spark

15. Anoint a candle with Marigold Flower Essence when you're manifesting big changes.

16. Add drops of your favorite essence to your shampoo or conditioner for a regular vibe check.

17. Mix a few drops into our fave homemade room spray. (get the recipe here)

18. Place a drop each of Jasmine & Hibiscus onto your phone case to filter out yucky vibes that make you feel bad when scrolling social.

19. Add your essence to your bed linens or pillows to infuse your dreams with intention.

20. Blend with your favorite essential oils and put in your diffuser.

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